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ICT Access Shortlisted 08

SwitchIt! Transport Extra explores different modes of transportation

See all kinds of modes of transport in this motivating new program. Join in the countdown and see the rocket launch, see the truck being loaded by the forklift or go on holiday on the aeroplane. Raise the sail in the dinghy. Will the wind blow, or will you get blown over by the speedboat?

Experience an exciting helicopter rescue at sea, complete with sharks. Also includes a ferry, car, cherry picker, school bus, taxi and train. See the builders and their digger - watch out for the water pipe!

Discuss issues of transportation. Does the vehicle travel by land, sea or by air? Will they have to pay and will they make it on time?

There are 12 stories, 12 pictures to build and 30 computer ‘flash cards’, all on the 'transport' theme.

SwitchIt! Transport
Flash card digger
Flash card motorbike
Flash card helicopter

SwitchIt! Transport Extra Flash Cards

‘Flash Cards’ are single images taken from the program’s theme. They appear on screen in response to switch presses, with an additional press to hear the accompanying text spoken.

Picture build step 3
Picture build step 2
Picture build step 1

SwitchIt! Transport Extra Picture Builds

‘Picture Builds’ create composite pictures piece by piece, in response to switch presses. You can vary the number of presses required in order to build the complete picture. When it is complete, the user is rewarded by lots of exciting animation and sound.

Petrol story 3
Petrol story 2
Petrol story 1

SwitchIt! Transport Extra Stories

‘Stories’ are stepped, animated sequences that are revealed in response to switch presses. There are four-second pauses between each step, to encourage students to watch and understand the unfolding story. You can use these to discuss what the characters are doing and why.

Transport Screenshot!

SwitchIt! Transport will come with lots of additional worksheets and teaching resources